Commissioner Hayden Gise Introduces Congressional Overreach Negates DC's Enfranchisement, Mandate, and Norms (CONDEMN) Resolution


FEBRUARY 22, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Commissioner Gise is moving the CONDEMN Resolution at the February 2023 meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 3C. This action will represent our united discontent, that we the people of DC are not standing idle in the wake of the anti-democratic action taken by the US House of Representatives. At the neighborhood-level, we reject the overturnning of DC’s Revised Criminal Code and the Local Residents Voting Rights Act.

The resolution stands up for the democratic rights of residentsof the District of Columbia, condemning Congress for interfering with our autonomy and democratic mandate. It calls upon Congress to respect the principles of fairness and democratic governance, and advocates for the expansion of democratic rights and principles throughout the United States, including equal representation and enfranchisement.

"We are here today to uphold our oath and defend the best interests, autonomy and self-determination of our neighbors in the District of Columbia," said Commissioner Gise. "Many within District government are not standing up for our local autonomy because they are not fans of even the most narrow criminal justice reforms. They will have no leg to stand on when the far-right targets our bodily autonomy."

The resolution emphasizes the importance of empowering DC residents to make decisions about our own lives and communities. It recognizes the need for new models of governance that emphasize collaboration, participation, and solidarity.

Residents of ANC 3C and the public are welcome to attend the meeting 02/22/2023. Attendees can sign up here.

Resolution text can be found here.