End of Petitioning Period


August 24, 2022

DC Board of Elections published its final list of petition challenges for the 2022 general election on August 23. The ten-day challenging period, which began on August 13 allowed residents of the district to raise concerns surrounding the legitimacy of submitted petitions.

Hayden's submitted petitions have been unchallenged, securing her spot on the general election ballot. As the only candidate to have secured ballot-access, Hayden is the presumptive Neighborhood Commissioner for Woodley Park ANC 3C01. She looks forward to continued conversations with neighbors and community leaders.

Within the petition challenge report, a concern was raised in the neighboring single-member district, Woodley Park ANC3C02. Former-Republican staffer and pathetic lackey for the banking lobby, Adam Prinzo has cast doubt on the word of Woodley Park neighbors who have sought to support progressive, Glenn Kellogg in his quest to receive ballot access. Prinzo is inconveniencing neighbors who are now forced to take time out of their day to affirm the validity of their signatures.

Prinzo's former boss, Rep. Rick Crawford voted to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. In the 595 days since January 6, 2021-- Prinzo has never publicly disavowed the despicable, anti-democratic actions of his old friend. This pattern of behavior has continued with him trying to disqualify his political opponents. Prinzo believes the only way for someone like him to get elected is by overturning the democratic will. The people of Woodley Park will not stand for this.

Hayden is calling on Prinzo to make a public apology to Glenn and his supporters. Regardless of the outcome of the challenge, Hayden looks forward to campaigning alongside progressives to ensure ANC 3C has an 8-0 progressive bloc. Woodley Park deserves Neighborhood Commissioners who don't have a history of working for Republicans.

contact: hayden@gise.us