We Won!


November 08, 2022

It is resoundingly clear that Hayden Gise has been elected to the position of Neighborhood Commissioner by the people of the Woodley Park in Washington D.C. The neighborhood has bought-in on a politics that centers working people. Gone are the days of unresponsiveness, abhorrent comments, and a regressive approach to community development.

The Commissioner-Elect is celebrating with her comrades at both the ANC 3C Election Night party as well as Metro DC DSA’s celebration of the Initiative 82 campaign.

Commissioner-Elect Hayden’s win is a win for the Lesbian community in DC as well as the Transgender community in the United States. Hayden is the second-ever Transgender elected official in Washington D.C.’s history and will be the only Transgender person serving in D.C. government in the new year. Following a wave of genocidal legislation across the country, the Commissioner-Elect intends to use her bully pulpit to uplift the voices of others to combat the epidemic of hate.

Commissioner-Elect Hayden looks forward to working with her colleagues in ANC 3C and congratulates all of the candidates on a hardfought campaign. She looks forward to advancing measures to bring more affordable housing, people-first infrastructure, and other approaches to make the neighborhood more slay.

The campaign would like to thank:
Cleveland Park Smart Growth, Victory Fund, Greater Greater Washington, DC Voters for Animals, Christina Davies, Evan DeGraff, Tracey Gise, Russell Gise, Hailey Gise, Tess Feyen, Emerson Toomey, Bee Kelly, Emilia Decaudin, Shasti Conrad, Sarah Szalavitz, Sonaar Luthra, Com. Janell Pagats, Com. Sauleh Siddiqui, Com.-Elect Tammy Gordon, Com. Ben Bergmann, Com. Beau Finley, Keith Mantel, Naoimi McPherson, Cammi McDermott, Claire Cottrill, and anyone who considers the Commissioner-Elect to be their comrade!

contact: hayden@gise.us