Neighborhood Platform

Increasing Transparency

In the past, only the most engaged members of the community were able to make their voices heard by attending meetings. Hayden intends to provide regular updates regarding ongoing permit requests, construction, and neighborhood affairs. One of the most significant responsibilities of a Commissioner is to connect neighbors with government agencies equipped to manage their concerns. As a Commissioner, Hayden will be accessible and easily reached in order to adequately liaise between neighbors and the District government.

Affordable Housing

Housing affordability is deeply important to Hayden. She believes housing is a human right and will fight to see as many affordable units as possible come to new and on-going developments in Woodley Park.

People-First Transportation

The way we are handling transportation right now is not working. In the District, people on bikes are killed by cars every single month. We cannot have that.  Hayden supports the District’s Vision Zero initiative to reach zero fatalities or serious injuries to travelers in our transportation system. She will work with the community and DDOT to implement the Connecticut Ave bikelane plan without compromising commuter parking. Hayden supports efforts to limit street parking at the most populated destinations to only nearby residents. It is time we put the lives of people above the ease of cars. Hayden supports the DC Streets for the People initiative and would like to see experiments come to Woodley Park mainstreet. She believes when we remove cars from the equation, people will spend more time interactiving with small businesses, take more public transit, and build vibrant communities.

Woodley Park Main Street

Hayden believes Woodley Park Mainstreet is a destination worth coming to from across the District. Our quaint neighborhood has a lot to offer.  She sees empty storefronts and feels they ought to be prioritized to small Mom and Pop stores over large corporate chains.
As a union member, organizer, and supporter- Hayden will use all power at her disposal to place sanctions on businesses that commit unfair labor practices or otherwise infringe on workers' rights to organize. Hayden intends to stand on the picket alongside all workers in Woodley Park and will uplift their voices by all allowable means.

District-Wide Advocacy

Public Power

Hayden heeds the calls of We Power DC-- DC’s electricity system should work for the public, not for profit. She will use her platform as a Commissioner to advocate for a power system that works for and is owned by the residents of the District of Columbia–one that works transparently and democratically to fight the climate crisis and meet everyone’s needs regardless of their ability to pay.

Initiative 82

Hayden supports and endorses Initiative 82, the ballot question being posed during the 2022 general election which would eliminate the tipped-wage in DC. The working class deserves it all. If a business owner cannot afford to pay their workers a living wage, they cannot afford to stay in business. Initiative 82 puts DC on a path towards reducing income inequality. Hayden also supports raising the minimum wage to a living wage.

PRO Act for DC

Hayden supports presumptive Ward 5 Councilmember Zachary Parker's calls for a localized version of the Protect the Right to Organize Act in DC. She will work to build consensus amongst ward 3 local leaders to help see this bill passed when it is introduced in the DC Council.

GND for Housing

Hayden supports Ward 4 Councilmember Janeese Lewis George's Green New Deal for Housing bill. She will work to build consensus amongst ward 3 local leaders to help see this bill passed when it is re-introduced in the DC Council.

Free Public Transit

Hayden supports Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen's Metro for DC Act which would invest heavily in the reliability of Metro Bus. It would also provide every DC resident with a $100 credit on their SmartTrip card, effectively making public transit fare-free for DC residents. She will work to build consensus amongst ward 3 local leaders to help this bill passed when it is re-introduced in the DC Council.

Price Controls

Hayden deeply believes in the power of price fixing on consumer goods to directly aid the lives of working people. She will continue to call each day for price fixing on goods such as gas, beer, and chips until such a time that these desperately needed measures are implemented.

Public Composting

Hayden supports the calls to incorporate a composting service within the DC Department of Sanitation. Currently the means of composting is reserved to those who can afford to contract a private service. This ought to be available for all District residents in the same way we process other methods of waste management.